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Foundation News

We hope you take a moment to read our January 2021 Foundation and Alumni Newsletter 

Williams Award Winners 2021

Each year the Wilmington Schools Foundation recognizes teachers for Excellence In Education. Each teacher received a certificate and $200 to spend in their classroom. The Williams Award was established in 1996 by the WHS Class of 1945. It honors the memory of two devoted teachers, Woodrow and Esther Williams, who dedicated their professional lives to excellence in education. The awards are presented each year to teachers who reflect the enthusiasm, dedication, preparation, and inspiration the Williams exhibited.

Jessica Shelton

Wilmington High School - Jessica Shelton, Science Teacher 

Always building connections and going above and beyond for students, Jessica Shelton cares deeply about all the students at WHS. Jessica is always willing to help out wherever needed. She plans science lessons that are engaging, using hands-on strategies and concrete examples. She is always checking in to see how students are doing, not only in her class, but outside of the classroom. Jessica has taken on many extra responsibilities, including student council co-advisor and is a member of our building leadership team. She helps with many events during homecoming week and other events throughout the school year. We are so fortunate to have Jessica Shelton on our team at WHS! 

Jessica Steele

Wilmington Middle School - Jessica Steele, 7th grade Intervention Specialist

Jessica Steele shows a clear passion for all students and her colleagues. She has taken on leadership roles with the staff through leading different professional development sessions and being an active part of our Building Leadership Team. She is always available to work through challenges involving staff and seeks to find solutions for issues. While her interactions with the staff are impressive, her focus is 100% with the students. Jessica thrives in building relationships with students. She truly cares about each and every one of them. She continuously strives to meet the needs of all students whether it is with academics or providing a safe place to discuss something occurring in their lives. She is accessible to all students and staff and WMS is fortunate to have such a positive role model and influence.

Katie Licht

Denver Elementary - Katie Licht, MH Teacher

Katie Licht is currently the MH Teacher at Denver Place Elementary. Katie works hard on a daily basis to provide the students with the love and academics they need. She goes over and beyond to make a difference in her students life daily. When students walk into her classroom they know they are safe and cared for. Over the past few years she has also become a leader in the building by being a member of BLT, DLT and a trainer for multiple initiatives in the district. Katie is a strong leader and educator in the building. Denver would not be the same without her.

Beth Young

Holmes Elementary - Beth Young, 2nd Grade

Beth Young is a 2nd grade teacher at Holmes Elementary who is dedicated to growing the whole child. Mrs. Young's classroom is centered around fostering relationships. She uses restorative community building circles to foster the relationships between the teacher and the students as well as relationships between each other. Mrs. Young also presents social scenarios for students to problem solve through as a class which is a lifelong skill. Along with the ability to build strong relationships and teach problem solving skills, Mrs. Young has a strong passion for high expectations in her areas of expertise (Math, Social Studies and Science). She goes above and beyond to deliver instruction in ways to reach ALL students. Mrs. Young has created videos of her math instruction which allows students to view the instruction multiple times after lessons are taught or even if they are absent which allows students to never miss a beat. Lastly, Mrs. Young's class is in for a treat everyday as they have fun while in their learning environment through experiments, discussions of would you rather. Mrs. Young gives her ALL every single day to every single child and allows them to grow not only academically but also socially and emotionally.


East End Elementary, Preschool Classroom Receives Grant

Mrs. McGee's Preschool classroom at East End Elementary, received a foundation grant, called "Listen and Learn." A listening center equipped with headphones, a book and book on CD. During free choice time students have the ability to listen to stories that have been read to them previously during story time by the teacher. It's a great way for students to practice and enhance their retelling, comprehension and overall early literacy skills.


Denver Place Second and Third Grade Book Club

Students in second and third grade at Denver Place Elementary, got to stay after school for a Book Club on October 4. They read the book, Dear Mrs. LaRue letters for Obedience School. Students had hot dogs for a snack and made dog crafts. This Book Club is made possible by a Wilmington Schools Foundation grant. Want to help make more grants like this possible? Donation to WSF today!


East End Teachers Receive Grant For Flexible Seating

Mrs Reavis, Kindergarten classroom at Holmes Elementary received a Foundation Grant for flexible seating. What is flexible seating you might ask? This allow students to choose the best working space for them and allows them to move and wiggle while they work. Wobble cushions can fit into a regular chair allow moment while sitting or they can be used as cushion on the floor for kneeling or sitting. Lap trays will allow students to work on floor in a location that perfect for them, such as a quiet space or a place with more wiggle room. Bouncy bands stretch between the front legs of a classroom chair and allow students to bounce their legs or students can push or pull against the band to create resistance.

Foundation Grant Interest Survey for Teachers

The WCS Foundation wants to help you out in the midst of this pandemic! Instead of applying for a grant at the end of this school year, let them know what you need when you need it.  Watch the Staff Portal for next year's grant interest form (coming soon).


If you have any question, please contact: Chastity Flanigan at ext. 7499 or email A list of Wilmington School Foundation Board members that are available to help answer questions, help with writing a complete grant, or bounce ideas off of will be coming soon!  Please use them as a tool for completing a successful grant. Most are retired teachers that have been in your shoes. I encourage you to use their knowledge to your benefit!