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Calendar Changes for 1st Semester

Posted on: September 18, 2020

In an effort to reduce days that our students miss attending school in-person, we made a few adjustments to the school calendar for the 1st Semester.

Summary of Changes

View our Revised 2020-21 District Calendar

Event      Original Date   NEW Date 
Waiver Day:   9/21 (Mon) 9/23 (Wed)
Late Arrival:  10/2 (Fri) 10/7 (Wed)
Teacher Work Day:  10/19 (Mon) 10/21 (Wed)
Late Arrival:  12/4 (Fri) 12/9 (Wed)

 Last day of 1st Quarter is now 10/20

PreK & Wed K-12 Student Schedules for Late Arrival Wednesdays in Yellow Zone Learning:

  • No K-12 students on late arrival Wednesdays in our Yellow Zone schedule (Green Zone late arrivals will operate as they do traditionally)

  • No AM Preschool on late arrival Wednesdays

  • PM Preschool WILL attend on late arrival Wednesdays on their normal schedule.

Student Expectations on these Days:

  • These days are great opportunities for our students to continue to work on their Remote and Virtual learning.  Many of our students have paced their learning during the week and will benefit from engaging with their learning activities on all Wednesdays.

  • Students are more likely to remain on pace with their learning if they utilize these Wednesdays to work on their academics.

  • Students who may be behind in their Remote or Virtual learning will benefit from maximizing each week day to complete assignments and practice their skills.


We appreciate the flexibility of our WCS students, staff and families to adjust to on-going changes.  Thank you all for responding with a great attitude and keeping a strong focus on safety and learning!