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Getting Ready for Green on 10/22

Posted on: October 20, 2020
Green Zone schedule for current in person learners will begin October 22, 2020

Beginning on Thursday, October 22nd, WCS students that are currently attending school in-person will attend on our new Green Zone schedule as follows:

  • All Elementary students A-Z currently attending in person will attend full days Monday through Friday.

  • All Middle and High School students A-Z currently attending in person will attend for full days on Monday through Thursday. They will also attend Fridays with an early release at 1:00pm every Friday.

Please review the following information:

Our Progress

Closing the Learning Gap

Green Zone safety

COVID-19 Information

Flexibility of Zones

Our Progress

Our schools have learned a great deal about how to safely operate during the pandemic through our own work and the work of districts across the state.  This 1st Quarter allowed us to learn and establish many important ways to operate. 

  • It allowed time for students and staff to build relationships and trust with each other in order to ensure that we would respect and honor the new safety protocols.

  • It allowed us time to distribute Chromebooks for every student and problem solve connectivity issues for families at home.  We also had the ability to learn and teach in small groups how to use new technology programs in school and at home in the event we do have to be in a Red Zone of Learning. 

  • We are learning that the spread of the virus is not common in school settings when we wear our masks and practice other prevention methods. 

  • It allowed us the time to learn how to serve and support the approximately 630 students in our district in the Virtual Education Program. 

  • We have taken this 1st Quarter to learn how to maximize all school operations as safely as possible so we could move to the Green Zone of learning.  

Closing the Learning Gap

We know that for the vast majority of our students the optimal learning environment is when they are at school learning alongside their peers with our staff. This is developmentally the best opportunity for our students to grow as learners, problem-solvers and productive citizens.  In the Yellow Zone of Learning, students miss out on the impact of in-person learning by losing 60% of time at school each week. 


We have learned through our efforts and the successful efforts of school districts across the State that are going full time. While adhering to safety precautions, schools are rarely the cause of spread of the virus.  

Green Zone Safety

As we start the Green Zone of Learning, it will be ALL of our responsibilities to protect our schools in order to stay open. It will take our entire community practicing all prevention strategies outside of school to ensure a stable school schedule.

  • With the amount of students enrolled in our Virtual Education program, our class sizes in the Green Zone of Learning are smaller than in previous years.  This allows students to be spaced out with 3 feet or more distance between them in their assigned seats. 

  • Staying home when you are sick.  We will continue to check the temperature of every student when they arrive at school.  We will continue to check the temperature of every student in the midday.  Any staff or student that has symptoms or a fever will be sent home. 

  • Reporting to school administration immediately if someone is in close contact with someone that tests positive or is waiting on test results and staying home until it is safe to return to school. 

  • We have increased custodial support to help with cleaning and sanitizing. 

  • We have assigned seating in every area to help keep students within the same cohort groups. This limits the number of people they are in close contact with throughout the day. 

  • We continue to have our teachers in K-8  move the majority of the time to the students and limit the amount our students transition and work in different areas. 

  • We have plastic barriers for students in the lunchroom for all students and students are sitting 3 feet or more apart from each other with the barrier.  Students and staff will wear masks in the cafeteria while going through the line and anytime they are not actively eating. 


Covid-19 Information

  • As of today, since school started we have had two full time staff members test positive for COVID-19.  This represents approximately 0.56 % of our total staff.
  • As of today, since school started we have had two students test positive for COVID-19.  This represents approximately .08% of our total students. 
  • We have had no indication that any staff of our student with COVID-19 was infected because of any exposure at school.

Over the last 8.5 weeks, we had 8 staff members and 41 students in Quarantine due to the CDC’s definition of close contact.  Out of the 49 people in Quarantine all but 1 person was due to exposure to someone outside of the school setting. As of today, no one from our school population was diagnosed with COVID-19 while in Quarantine.  


As our county is experiencing an uptick in positive cases, it helps schools reduce exposure when people who are sick (or in close contact with someone that is sick) stay at home and report the illness. 


It helps a great deal when families contact their building principal if there is a possibility of a need for Quarantine or contact tracing.  We recommend that you keep your child home until a Health Official is able to contact you if you suspect your child was in close contact with someone that has symptoms or has tested positive.  


When staff and students are placed in Quarantine, this is NOT an indication that there is active spread.  This is a preventative measure to stop any potential spread of the virus.  Students and staff will continue to be placed in Quarantine by a Health Official through contact tracing.  You all have done a great job in communicating and following these recommendations. This will be one of the most important parts of preventing any spread at school.  

Flexibility of Zones

It will be important for our district to be able to experience and operate in the Green Zone of Learning as much as possible. We have the knowledge and systems ready to operate.  We have decent weather in the forecast to help give our students and staff breaks outside.  We have a community that will help with their responsibilities of keeping their households and students safe.  


WCS is equipped with the plan and ability to move back into the Yellow Zone of Learning if we are at risk of any school outbreaks.  We have every child equipped with technology for any type of remote learning.  


Our Green Zone of Learning is NOT operating like normal, as we did prior to the pandemic. It is uncertain how long it will be till it is truly safe to return to our normal routines.  However, we must be prepared to function and learn effectively in the Green, Yellow, or Red Zone as the health of our community fluctuates.  This will be our new normal until we are safely out of the pandemic.