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Important Green Zone Updates

Posted on: October 9, 2020
Green Zone 10-22-20 for students currently attending in-person

Beginning on Thursday, October 22nd, WCS students that are currently attending school in-person will attend on our new Green Zone schedule as follows:

  • Elementary students currently attending in person will attend full days Monday through Friday.
  • Middle and High School students currently attending in person will attend for full days on Monday through Thursday. They will also attend Fridays with an early release at 1:00pm every Friday.

See our Green Zone FAQs for additional information on safety protocols, zone changes, expectations, and more.


Late Arrival Update: While we are in the Green Zone and attending every day, our late arrivals will operate like our traditional late arrival days as follows:

   ALL K-12 students will attend under their late arrival schedule 

  • Secondary 9:50 arrival time
  • Elementary 11:15 arrival time

   Preschool: No AM preschool on late arrival days; PM attend at usual


Important Notes: 

  • Zone changes apply only to our students that are currently attending in-person. Our Virtual Ed students remain in their Virtual Ed program throughout 1st semester.

  • The Zone may change back to yellow (hybrid), or even to red (full remote), during the school year.

  • The stability of our in-person schedule is dependent on the health of our students, staff, and community, as well as our ability to maintain appropriate staffing levels. It will take all of us working together and following safety protocols to keep our community healthy and our schools and businesses open.


Green Zone FAQs

1. What measures are being taken to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the Green Zone? 
We know that putting multiple layers of prevention techniques is the best line of defense. The difference from our Yellow-Hybrid Zone to our Green Zone will be maintaining 6 feet of social distancing. Students will be approximately 3 feet in most settings. Many Ohio Schools are discovering success in preventing the spread of the virus in school operating in a full learning model by making sure they practice other layers of prevention.

We will continue to use all prevention methods as much as possible. All students and staff are still required to wear a mask at school. We will continue to practice frequent hand washing, cleaning common surfaces and taking two temperature checks daily while at school.


2. What will it look like for the students in the classrooms in the Green Zone of Learning?
All procedures will remain in place for safety. Here are several of the measures that we will continue to reinforce in the classrooms:

  • Students and staff are required to wear masks while at school and on the school bus.
  • Students will have assigned seats to limit the amount of close exposure to multiple students.
  • In Grades K-8, teachers will move to student classrooms to limit the amount of students moving and sharing common areas.
  • Students will stay in “Pods” to have consistency of where they sit in the lunchroom, classrooms and in their recess zones. 

3. What will it look like for the students in the lunchroom?

Students will have assigned seats. They will have 3 feet of social distancing. They must continue to wear their masks when they are not actively eating. We have added plastic partitions as an added layer of protection for students while eating.


4. Will my student have to be quarantined if they are exposed to someone with COVID-19 while at school?
The guidelines will continue to be followed by the Ohio Department of Health and CDC.  Anyone that is closer than 6 feet of someone for 15 minutes or more that has COVID-19 will be Quarantined for 14 days.

Even with the mask and the plastic barriers, this is the guideline everyone in Ohio must follow.  Quarantine is another strategy to help prevent the spread of the virus.  The Clinton County Health District will continue to lead contact tracing.

Students that are feeling well, but are in Quarantine, will be expected to work remotely from home.  


5. Why are we going to the Green Zone if our County is in Orange?  
If we are experiencing outbreaks that are impacting our school and community, we will make any needed adjustments.  Our County may move in and out of different risk levels for various indicators. We will consider what indicators we meet, what clusters of outbreaks are occuring and what are the circumstances around any Community Spread.  Our assessment of how we operate will also be based on what type of active COVID-19 cases are happening in our schools.  We will assess if students and staff are becoming infected due to exposure while at school. If needed our staff and students will be ready to move into the appropriate zone of learning.

We have had only one person that has tested positive for COVID-19 around the start of the school year.  At this time, all students and staff required to be in Quarantine were due to exposure outside of school.  Our three county schools that are in full learning schedules have had very little to no active COVID-19 cases.  You can monitor all Ohio Schools on the Ohio Department of Health COVID-19 Dashboard. 


6. How much notice will we get if we move to a different Zone?
It is difficult to predict how much notice we will have if things change rapidly.  If we are noticing a trend that requires us to move into a different zone of learning, we will do our best to communicate this as soon as possible.  You are able to view our COVID-19 weekly dashboard on our website to monitor the trends as well.  The dashboard is updated every Monday.  


7. What is the expectation in the Green Zone with the Chromebook that was issued to the students?
Every child was issued a Chromebook to use this school year.  It is still the responsibility of the student and parent to help them be responsible for bringing this with them fully charged to school each day.  This avoids students having to share a computer at school.  It also allows students to continue to access the device for homework and for daily learning at school.  Students at every grade level will be using the computer at school daily.   This will also help our students to be prepared at all times for any type of remote learning as needed. 


8. Why are we waiting to start the Green Zone of Learning until Oct 22nd?
The 1st Quarter ends on Tuesday, Oct 20th and there is a Teacher Work day on Wednesday, Oct 21st.  This allows for closure to the 1st Quarter and for the staff to transition and welcome all students together for the start of the 2nd Quarter on Oct 22nd.


9. I am nervous about our schools moving into a Green Zone of Learning, what are my options?
You are not alone in feeling apprehensive. We are doing our very best to provide a safe place where our students can learn daily in-person at school.  We are prepared to adjust our learning zone if we experience concerns of spreading the virus at school.

Prior to the start of our school year, we communicated the learning options.  We knew we would likely have to be flexible in how we operate schools. Each week we  learn more about what is effective in preventing the spread of the virus.   We are unable to move students into the Virtual Education Program during this time.  If you have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed personally, please contact your building administrator to set up a time to talk. The social and emotional well being for all our students, staff and families is important.  


10. What cleaning measures are in place with the new schedule?
We will be able to maintain the cleaning and new sanitizing protocols while in the Green Zone of Learning.  We use the Bioshield Antimicrobial spray and the weekly electrostatic disinfectant  spray.  Our custodians and staff use the Sani T 10 spray on commonly touched surfaces throughout the day.  


11. Why is the High School and Middle School releasing at 1:00 on Fridays in the Green Zone?
Our teachers at WHS and WMS have responsibility for educating students in the in-person program and also support and work with students in the Virtual Education Program.  This time allows them to assess, provide feedback and support our Wilmington students in the Virtual Education program. 

In our elementary schools we have teachers that are assigned a daily full-time schedule to support students in the Virtual Education program.  This allows us to maintain a full day schedule for our elementary schools for all 5 days for the in-person students in K-5.  Our Preschool program will continue with their current schedule. 

12. Will there be any changes to bus routes when we transition to the Green Zone Schedule?
Routes will not change, however there may be small timing adjustments in pick-up or drop-off. Please allow for 10 minutes plus or minus as we adjust to the new schedule. You will be contacted if there is a significant change in timing.

13. What will the schedule be for my child that is on an IEP?
Students on an IEP will return to their original inclusion schedule along with their peers. The Intervention Specialists will continue to work and support each student within the regular classroom.  The Hybrid schedule allowed the Intervention Specialists time to get to know each of their students and this will help them continue to serve and support them in the classrooms.  If you have any further questions or concerns, please reach out your child’s Intervention Specialists.