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Levy 2023 Facts, Finances, and FAQs

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Proposed Levy

With the failure of the levy renewal in 2022, the Board of Education has chosen to ask the voters in May 2023 for a new 5-year School District Income Tax (SDIT) levy.

  • Proposed 3/4% (.75%) School District Income Tax to support current expenses and ongoing permanent improvements. The levy would be for 5 years.
  • Levy is estimated to generate approximately $5.4 million annually
  • Levy revenue would be approximately 18% of the General Operating Fund revenue
  • The District has utilized SDIT since 2002 as a way to keep our property taxes below the state average. WCS collects $2000 less per student from property tax compared to the state average. (Source District Profile FY22).
  • Without a new levy, the District faces an average deficit of more than $4.5 million annually.
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Operating Funds Provide...

  • Student Programs & Services
  • Extracurriculars (Athletics, Marching Band, FFA, etc)
  • Transportation, Fuel, Utilities
  • Building Maintenance and Improvements
  • Security and Safety Updates
  • Technology, Communications
  • Staffing: Teachers, Counselors, Speech Pathologists, Psychologists, Intervention Specialists, Aides, Bus Drivers, Custodians, Cafeteria Workers, Secretaries, Coaches, and other staff to support District operations.
Revenue, expense, deficit pie chart and forecasted expenses chart from data on this page

Revenue Forecast 2024-25

Revenue Source   Amount Forecasted
State and Other Funding:   $ 12,890,400
Local Funding - Real Estate:   $ 12,429,540
Total Forecasted Revenue:   $ 25,319,940

Expenditure Forecast 2024-25

Expense Category   Amount Forecasted
Employee Insurance/Retirement:   $ 6,878,618.00
Employee Salaries:   $ 17,696,731.00
Purchased Services*:   $ 3,115,500.00
Supplies/Materials:   $ 954,750.00
Capital Outlay:   $ 783,900.00
Miscellaneous:   $ 515,160.00
Total Forecasted Expenses FY25:   $ 29,944,659.00

*Purchased Services include but are not limited to utilities, fuel, repairs, consulting services (copier, legal, professional), fees (real estate, auditor), training and software, etc. 


View for forecasted revenue and expense summaries through Fiscal Year 2027. Select “Wilmington City”, select “FY2023”, select “First Required Submission (Fall)”.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about District finances or the 2023 Levy and you don't find the answers below, please contact the Treasurer's office at (937)382-1641.


Who will pay the ¾% tax?

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What will happen if the proposed levy fails to pass?

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Did the District receive money through ESSER/ARP (Cares Act) grants?

How do I get more information or ask questions regarding the District’s finances?