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Attendance Matters

Posted on: December 5, 2018
Tags: Attendance
Attendance Matters

Are you ready for one tip to help give your kids the best chance at being successful in school? Help them to make attendance a priority.   We’re getting ready to start a new school year and it’s the perfect time talk about habits and the importance of attending school every day and on time.

  • Absenteeism in the first month of school can predict poor attendance throughout the school year. Half the students who miss 2-4 days in September go on to miss nearly a month of school.
  • Chronic absence (just a couple of days a month, excused OR unexcused) is a leading indicator of a student’s likelihood of dropping out of school.
  • Students who miss school can feel left out and often fall behind their peers.

 For more information and FAQ's on attendance please visit our Attendance page.  We also encourage you to check out the 10 Facts About School Attendance for more information about the impact of chronic absence.*

*Used with permission of Attendance Works. For more attendance facts and resources visit