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WHS Alumni Spotlight: Shelby Boatman, Class of 2013

Posted on: November 23, 2021

Our WHS Alumni Spotlight is on Shelby Boatman, Class of 2013! During her high school career Shelby participated in Volleyball (9th, 10th), Girls Golf (11th, 12th), WHS Band, Cheerleading, Theater, and Post-Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) through Southern State Community College.


Shelby shared that her favorite memories of high school would be the time spent with her family members! Her grandma, Sharon, was a cafeteria cook during Shelby’s time at WHS and she always ensured funds were in my lunch account. Her sister, Molly, was only two years behind Shelby in school so they often shared the same classes or enjoyed the same sports together. She remembers spending fun times with her sister as characters in the fall or spring theater productions. Shelby also fondly remembers her parents attending almost all of her sports games or extra curricular activities while she was in high school. Shelby said of her family, “Knowing I had an awesome support system in the stands meant everything to me.”


After graduating, Shelby attended college at Ashland University in Ashland, OH, where she received her Bachelor's Degree in History and Political Science and graduated as an Ashbrook Scholar Alumna. Following undergrad, she took a year off from school and worked as a Marketing Director for local Cincinnati based Chick-fil-A stores where she maintained their social media and community outreach. In 2018 Shelby started graduate school at Northern Kentucky University. She completed her Masters Degree in Public History in the spring of 2020. Shelby is a former Clinton County Outstanding Women KeyNote Speaker, Noon Rotarian, and current Daughters of the American Revolution - George Clinton Chapter member.


Currently, Shelby is the Executive Director of the Clinton County History Center - located in Wilmington. She has been at the History Center for almost 3 years now. As the Executive Director she oversees many aspects of our community museum and genealogy research library including annual exhibits and displays, community engagement in local history subjects or living history events, social media management, financial stewardship of the organization, preservation of artifacts, and ensuring that the history of Clinton County remains protected and shared for many generations to come. 


Shelby has some wonderful advice for current and future WHS students -  “My advice to current students would be to enjoy the time you have as a young adult/student and to remember that you can always choose to grow or learn from your experiences. While being an adult can be nice, I often miss the days of no responsibilities and a carefree approach to growing up. Remember to not rush life, it goes by fast enough on its own! Secondly, I know from experience that high school can be a challenging time for many, for a variety of reasons. My advice for students is to remember that you are the individual who guides your life; you make the positive or negative decisions, you can choose to grow from mistakes or challenges, and only you can decide who defines you!”. Sound advice from an accomplished WHS Alumna! 


Shelby lives in Wilmington with her family and enjoys visiting historical sites in her spare time. We are #HurricaneProud of Shelby and wish her all the best!