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WHS Students of the Month

Posted on: March 24, 2021

Congratulations to our WHS Students of the Month for March! We are Hurricane Proud of these students.

Math Department: Jada Holley
Jada is an exemplary student in Trigonometry. She is always prepared and goes above and beyond what is expected. She sets an excellent example for her peers. Her questions are clear and insightful. I have enjoyed having Jada in my class this year. I am sure she will continue to perform superbly for the rest of the year.
Ag Department: Kairi Hutchinson
Kairi Hutchinson is the Ag Department Student of the Month. Kairi has worked enthusiastically in her ag class and has become an active member in the Wilmington FFA Chapter. Kairi is an active participant on our FFA Equine Team. She placed 10th in the Wilmington College Aggies Contest out of over 290 students. Kairi is always kind and welcoming to other students and FFA members and is always open to working with different groups in class. We are so excited to see Kairi succeed!
Math Department: Danny Wilson
Jonathan "Danny" Wilson is the Math Department Student of the Month for March. He displays great perseverance in completing each assignment while embracing the challenge daily. Danny is a model who offers his peers assistance and encouragement. Thank you for your hard work this school year Danny!
Choir Department: Aubre Weller
Aubre is a student that continues to progress and grow (in multiple ways) the longer you're with her. She is always lending a helping hand and encouraging her classmates (and teacher) to have the best day possible. She comes to class each day with a smile on her face and shows an interest in the lives of those around her - even ones she may not be close with. Aubre brings such a positive energy to the classroom and makes the learning environment better for everyone in her presence. 
English Department: Olivia Weller
The English Department would like to recognize Olivia Weller as the March Student of the Month. In class, Olivia combines a strong work ethic with an objective world view. She is a contemplative thinker who supports her concise views with logic and finesse. Not only does Olivia have a philosophical mind, but she also possesses an elegantly refined prose style. In essence, Olivia is a valued member of our class; her empathy and insight helps others make deeper connections to literature and life. Congratulations to Olivia Weller for her nomination as the English Department's Student of the Month.
Foreign Language: Bella Myburgh
Bella takes an active role in her learning, as well as in building a positive, inclusive environment in the classroom. Being an active learner involves healthy risk-taking. Bella asks questions when unsure about things. She used her notes and classroom resources as tools for completing assignments successfully. She participates in the activities of the day, and is open to working with, helping, and learning along with her peers. Also, she understands the impact of her words. Bella is one who encourages and compliments others. The entire class benefits from her being there.   
Social Studies Department: Bryce Camp
Bryce has made one of the greatest academic turnarounds in one year that I've seen in my teaching years. He started the year really struggling during our hybrid learning time. During the 3rd quarter, he has made a remarkable turnaround earning an A in his Honors US History class. He has taken a much more active role in class through class participation, getting assigned work turned in on time, and has scored well on tests and quizzes. Bryce should be proud of his tremendous turnaround and for not simply "giving up" on the class and the year. Way to go Bryce and keep up the good work!
Business Department: Ethan Bates
The Business Department would like to nominate Ethan Bates as student of the month for March! Ethan is very talented and spends the time to create high quality work with attention to detail. He is always inquisitive and makes sure to do his best. He is thorough and has a great attitude each day. Keep up the good work Ethan!
Theater Department: AJ Hicks
AJ is in Stagecraft this year. He is proficient with the tools we use to construct our sets. When given a task AJ sees it through to the end. If a project takes more than one day (as most do in this class) he cleans his work area and jumps right back to work the next day. AJ works hard and is a pleasure to have in class.