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WHS Students of the Month

Posted on: October 13, 2021

WHS is proud to recognize our October Students of the Month! Please take a few moments to hear what their teachers had to say about these extraordinary students.

Kaden Kennedy

Kaden Kennedy (Phys Ed)

Kaden shows up everyday with a great attitude and puts forth solid effort in the games we play and the workouts we do. He is always willing to help somebody else out when they are struggling and always has a positive attitude during class. Keep it up Kaden and thank you.


Wilson Sylvestre

Wilson Sylvestre (Science)

Wilson Sylvestre is the Science Department student of the month for October. He always has a positive attitude that is contagious in the classroom. He works hard in his class and wants to succeed at any task put before him. In skills lab, he is always willing to share his thoughts and ideas to make our community a better place. Thanks, Wilson!


Nathan Jones

Nathan Jones (Tech Dept)

Nathan is a rock star both in and out of the classroom. And we mean that literally, because he shreds on guitar when he performs live outside of school. In the classroom, Nathan is inquisitive and hard working, and he shows an authentic desire to improve his coding skills in computer programming.

Katie Bayless

Katie Bayless (Math)

Katie is the Math Department student of the month because of her responsible attitude in class. Every day Katie gets to class on time and immediately gets her materials out to start class. We never have to ask her to get started! She is always prepared and ready for the period. We appreciate all the work Katie does in class, asking questions and completing her work on time. We love having her in Algebra class. Congratulations Katie!

Naome Sanders

Naomi Sanders (English)

Naomi is a bright light in our day. She is constantly on task, she is polite and kind, and she puts in her best effort. We appreciate her friendly spirit and determined attitude. Congratulations, Naomi!


Travis Sardinas

Travis Sardinas (Exceptional Student Education)

Travis has done a great job this year improving his attendance at school and his classroom assignments. Travis has become a role model for his peers and has shown a lot of responsibility. We are very proud of you and your determination, Travis.

Alantis Wiles

Alantis Wiles (Social Studies)

Alantis is a hardworking student who is always on task, engages in the material, and contributes to a positive classroom and school culture. Alantis encourages  peers to engage and is often a leader in class. Keep up the great work!

Jaden Snyder

Jaden Snyder (Theater)

Jaden has been active in the theatre program for the past three years. In our current production of The Servant of Two Masters Jaden portrays the character of Pantalone. He is working hard on his physicality and voice to create this stock character. He continues to work hard on and off stage. He is fun to watch and pushes other actors to keep working hard. Congratulations, Jaden!

Sierra (Hope) Kirk

Sierra (Hope) Kirk (World Languages)

Hope sets high goals for her learning and wastes no energy or time in pursuing those goals. She approaches every step with the intention of doing her best. When she is absent, she continues her studies independently, and when she returns she brings her questions to my attention. Her classmates can count on her for help because she is tuned in always. Her progress is exemplary because her work ethic and study skills and top notch. Congratulations, Hope!