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WHS Students of the Month for April

Posted on: April 21, 2021

We're excited to honor the following Students of the Month for April!

Math Department: Madyson Hudson

Madyson Hudson is the Math Department Student of the Month. Madyson consistently works in class; she asks relevant questions, participates in discussion and takes ownership of her academics. Madyson is friendly to all and contributes to an environment of excellence. We are grateful for Madyson's presence in our Algebra II class.

Choir Department: Emily Vizcaya

Emily comes in each day with a positive attitude and has shown drastic improvement over the course of her time in the choir program. She is enthusiastic about the class and the lessons we have planned. She connects well with other students, and participates well each day. Emily brings a fun energy to the classroom.

Social Studies Department: Bailey Eakins

Bailey has been working really hard in class since returning. He is always focused and on task in the classroom, and other students have been asking him for help on their classwork. I'm really proud of the growth I have seen in him!

Foreign Language Department: Tanner Killen

Tanner is the Student of the Month for the World Language Department for the month of April because his pure, unadulterated eagerness for speaking French has been unmatched in any of my levels of French recently. Tanner is always willing to offer up an answer, even if he's not 100% sure that he's right, which is a crucial break-through as a language student; not being afraid to be wrong and being willing to take risks is so important in the French classroom, and Tanner is the embodiment of that idea. His excitement to speak French with me and with his classmates is heart-warming and brings the attitude and mood of the whole class up. His work ethic and positive outlook shine through everyday, and I am proud to nominate him for SOTM!