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9/7/21 Transportation Update

Posted on: September 7, 2021
school buses

The Wilmington City Schools closed today on Sept 7, 2021, because of illnesses and absences of our bus drivers that would not allow us to safely and effectively transport our students to school.  


By law, we are required to transport students in K-8, all vocational students, and all students with a disability.  Our district also selects to transport our high school students.  The WCS transportation provides equal access for all students to be able to attend school. 


We recognize that many of our families would have made efforts to find a way to get their child to and from school due to our circumstances today.  However, legally and ethically, we would not have had the means to assure that the vast majority of our students would be able to attend school.  


Our transportation department is working hard to find creative solutions in these situations. We had doubled up routes over the weekend in order for us to be able to transport our students on Tuesday.  With additional absences throughout Monday night into early Tuesday morning, we were out of options to operate our bus services. 


Over the last few weeks we have experienced similar challenges and have managed to double up routes.  We will work hard to have solutions in place for the rest of the week.  Our instructional staff is also busy in creating contingency plans for our students to work from home if needed.  Our goal is to have our students back to in-person learning for the remainder of the week.