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All League and All District/State Athletes

Wilmington High School

We have a proud tradition of excellence in our student athletes and are excited to share their accomplishments.


Fall Sports


1st Team:  Brynn Bryant, Caroline Diels

2nd Team:  Banesa Morales, Jena Rhoads

Girls Soccer

1st Team:  Taylor Noszka

Honorable Mention:  Madison Hisco

Boys Soccer

1st Team:  Javier Becerril, Cole Bernhardt, Trevor Billingsley, Caleb Macias, Avery Warix, Nathan Wood

Girls Cross Country

1st Team:  Madilyn Brausch

2nd Team:  Kennedy Moore

Boys Cross Country

1st Team:  Trevor Billingsley

2nd Team:  Henry Hildebrandt

Regional Qualifier:  Trevor Billingsley

Girls Golf:

Player of the Year:  Lilly Middleton

1st Team:  Lilly Middleton

2nd Team:  Katie Murphy

*Lilly Middleton qualified for the Divison 1 State Tournament and finished in 11th place.

Boys Golf

2nd Team:  Dylan Cole, Braydon Conley, Tommy Halloran

Girls Tennis

Player of the Year:  Claire Burns

Coach of the Year:  Doug Cooper

1st Team:  Claire Burns, Jenna Taylor, Chandni Sharma

District Qualifier:  Claire Burns


1st Team:  Jeff Valentine, Thad Stuckey, Cameron McEvoy

2nd Team:  Brett Brooks, Darrick Perdue, Josh Snell

Honorable Mention:  Chase Pickard, Isaiah Rigling



Spring Sports


1st Team:  Harlie Bickett

2nd Team:  Jena Rhoads

Honorable Mention:  Emily Self

Player of the Year: Harlie Bickett


1st Team:  Jayden Tackett

2nd Team:  Kellen Baltazar

Honorable Mention:  Kaiden Smith

Girls Track

1st Team:  Madilyn Brausch, Kaitlynn Hickey, Taylor Noszka

2nd Team:  Sylena Baltazar, Taliah Billingsley, Olivia Hisco, Courtney Parker, Emilee Pham, Hannah Scott

Regional Qualifier:  Emilee Pham, Brynn Bryant, Kaitlynn Hickey

Boys Track

1st Team:  Josh Andrews, Ben Baylor, Brett Brooks, Elijah Collins, Zainne Cowin, Brandon Glass, Carter Huffman, Blaize Johnson, TJ Killen, Isaiah Rigling

2nd Team:  Trevor Billingsley, Tyler Preston, Garrett Stoffer, Brady Vilvens

Field Event Person of the Year:  Brett Brooks

Coach of the Year:  Chris Reynolds

Regional Qualifiers:  Brett Brooks, Carter Huffman, Isaiah Rigling, Zainne Cowin, Brandon Glass, Elijah Collins, TJ Killen, Josh Andrews, Blaize Johnson, Ben Baylor, Malik Scott

State Qualifier:  Brett Brooks-Discus


1st Team:  Avery Bradshaw, Caleb Reed, Isaac Martini, Matt Butcher, Alex Lazic

Player of the Year: Avery Bradshaw

Coach of the Year:  Steve Reed

District Qualifiers:  Caleb Reed/Avery Bradshaw


Winter Sports

Boys Basketball

  • 1st Team:  Matt Butcher
  • 2nd Team:  Luke Blessing
  • Honorable Mention:  Brandon Glass

Girls Basketball

  • 1st Team:  Maura Drake, Katie Murphy
  • 2nd Team:  Chailyn Johns
  • Honorable Mention:  Taylor Noszka


  • 1st Team:  Thane McCoy, Thad Stuckey, Brett Brooks
  • 2nd Team:  Carson Hibbs
  • Honorable Mention:  Alex Hudson, Gage Davis, Brayden Smith, PJ McKnight
  • Coach of the Year:  Kelly Tolliver
  • District Qualifiers:  Thane McCoy, Carson Hibbs, Alex Hudson, Thad Stuckey, Gage Davis, Brayden Smith, PJ McKnight, Brett Brooks
  • State Qualifiers:  Carson Hibbs, Brett Brooks

Boys Bowling

  • 1st Team:  Jordan Tackett, Hunter Gallion, Jayden Tackett
  • 2nd Team:  Isaac Martini, Lucas Neff
  • Player of Year:  Jordan Tackett
  • Coach of the Year:  Dustin Brown
  • State Qualifier:  Jayden Tackett

Girls Bowling

  • 1st Team:  Ariel Comberger, Kennedy Harcourt, Tori Piatt
  • Coach of the Year:  Joe Gigandet


  • District Qualifiers:  Jordan Davis, Josh Andrews, Landen Carpenter, Ben Baylor
  • State Qualifier:  Jordan Davis

Academic Team

  • 1st Team:  Shannon O'Boyle
  • 2nd Team:  Gracie Sutton
  • Honorable Mention:  Jay Engel

Fall Sports


  • 1st Team:  Harlie Bickett
  • 2nd Team:  Caroline Diels
  • Honorable Mention:  Chay Johns

Girls Soccer

  • 1st Team:  Paige Bryant
  • 2nd Team:  Taylor Noszka
  • Honorable Mention:  Olivia Hisco

Boys Soccer

Player of the Year-Brady Vilvens

Coach of the Year-Imad El-Macharrafie

  • 1st Team:  Brady Vilvens, Matt Butcher, Jacob Romer, Collin Webber, 
  • 2nd Team:  Caleb Macias, Caleb Reed, Avery Warix
  • Honorable Mention:  Avery Bradshaw

Girls Golf

Player of the Year-Lilly Middleton

  • 1st Team:  Lilly Middleton
  • 2nd Team:  Katie Murphy

Boys Golf

  • 2nd Team:  Brady Leathley, Braydon Conley

Girls Tennis

Coach of the Year-Doug Cooper

Player of the Year, Sectional Champion, State Qualifier-Claire Curns

  • 1st Team-Claire Burns, Jenna Taylor, Emilee Pham
  • 2nd Team-Emma Lewis, Chandi Sharma

Boys Cross Country

  • 1st Team:  Josh Andrews
  • 2nd Team:  Tyler Preston, Garrett Stoffer

Girls Cross Country

  • 1st Team:  Madilyn Brausch, Sophie Huffman



Winter Sports

Girls Basketball

  • 1st Team:  Jasmine Jamiel, Sophie Huffman, Sami McCord
  • 2nd Team:  Karlie Morgan
  • Honorable Mention:  Katie Murphy
  • District 15 Top 10 Senior:  Jasmine Jamiel
  • Coach of the Year:  Zach Williams


Boys Basketball

  • Player of the Year:  Cam Coomer
  • 1st Team:  Matt Butcher, Cam Coomer
  • 2nd Team:  Chris Custis
  • Honorable Mention:  Brady Vilvens
  • All District 15 Underclassmen-Matt Butcher
  • All District 15 Top 10 Seniors-Cam Coomer


Girls Bowling

  •  Player of the Year and 1st Team:  Ariel Comberger
  • District Qualifier:  Kennedy Harcourt

Boys Bowling

  • 1st Team:  Elijah Martini, Grant Pickard, Jordan Tackett, Hunter Gallion
  • Coach of the Year:  Dustin Brown


  • 1st Team:  Sam Eastes
  • 2nd Team:  Dom Davidson, Dalton Garrison
  • Honorable Mention:  Kile Holland
  • District Qualifiers: Thane McCoy, Kile Holland, Dom Davidson, Sam Eastes, Donovan Butler, Logan Current, Carson Hibbs
  • State Alternates:  Thane McCoy, Dom Davidson



  • District Qualifiers:  Jordan Davis, Ben Baylor, Cam Combs, Josh Andrews, Parker Henry
  • State Qualifier:  Jordan Davis-(100 Freestyle-9th and 100 Backstroke-9th)


Academic Team

  • 1st Team:  Mason Klamroth
  • 2nd Team:  Gehrig Huber
  • Honorable Mention:  Chloe Crumbley



Fall Sports


  • 1st Team:  Chris Custis, Jeffrey Valentine
  • 2nd Team:  Cam Coomer, Carter Huffman
  • Honorable Mention:  Rory Bell, Conner Mitchell
  • All Ohio 1st Team:  Chris Custis
  • All Ohio Special Mention:  Rory Bell


  • 1st Team:  Harlie Bickett
  • 2nd Team:  Caroline Diels
  • Honorable Mention:  Emily Self

Boys Soccer

  • 1st Team:  Brady Vilvens, Josh Vaughan
  • 2nd Team: Matt Butcher, Jacob Romer
  • Honorable Mention:  Caleb Reed, 

Girls Soccer

  • 1st Team:  Karlie Morgan
  • 2nd Team: Petra Bray
  • Honorable Mention:  Sophie Burt

Girls Tennis

  • Coach of the Year:  Doug Cooper
  • Player of the Year: Claire Burns
  • 1st Team:  Claire Burns, Allie Kees, Josie Nichols, Jenna Taylor, Emilee Pham
  • 2nd Team:  Annie Osborn, Gracie Conger
  • Division 1 1st Team All Area:  Claire Burns
  • Division 1 All Area Honorable Mention:  Josie Nichols
  • Division 1 3rd Team All Area:  Allie Kees, Jenna Taylor, Emilee Pham

Girls Golf

  • 1st Team:  Lilly Middleton
  • District Qualifier:  Lilly Middleton

Boys Golf

  • Coach of the Year:  Phil Gilmore
  • Player of the Year:  Jack Murphy
  • District Qualifier:  Jack Murphy
  • 1st Team: Brady Evans, Jack Murphy
  • 2nd Team:  Braydon Conley, Brady Leathley
  • Honorable Mention SW Ohio Coaches Association:  Jack Murphy

Girls Cross Country

  • Coach of the Year:  Eileen Grosse
  • 1st Team:  Sylena Baltazar, Skye Carpenter, Sophie Huffman
  • 2nd Team:  Kalli Abbitt, Emma Simpson
  • Regional Qualifier:  Sophie Huffman

Boys Cross Country

  • Coach of the Year:  Brad Heys
  • Runner of the Year:  Tyler Parks
  • 1st Team:  Sam Eastes, Pedro Escobedo, Tyler Parks, Tyler Preston, Garrett Stoffer
  • 2nd Team:  Noah Geggie, Calvin Walls
  • Regional Qualifier:  Tyler Parks, Garret Stoffer




  • 1st Team:  Jake Vaughan

  • 2nd Team:  Jordan Tackett

  • Honorable Mention:  Alex Meyer


  • 1st Team:  Harlie Bickett, Jena Rhoads, Emily Self, Olivia Veidt

  • 2nd Team:  Sophie Blessing, Madi Flint

  • Honorable Mention:  Kendra McKenna


  • Coach of the Year-Steve Reed

  • Player of the Year-Avery Bradshaw

  • 1st Team:  Avery Bradshaw, Brayden Rhoads, Jack Romer, Caleb Reed, Jonathan Fender, Jacob Romer, Brady Henry

Boys Track

  • Field Event Person of the Year:  Brett Brooks

  • 1st Team:  Josh Andrews, Rory Bell, Brett Brooks, Zainne Cowin, Brandon Glass, Simon Heys, Carter Huffman, TJ Killen, Grant Mayer, Mason McIntosh, Malik Scott, Dre Singleton

  • 2nd Team:  Cameron Coomer

  • Regional Qualifiers: Brett Brooks (Discus and Shot Put), Carter Huffman (Long Jump), Simon Heys (3200 Meter Run)

Girls Track

  • 1st Team:  Anna Borton, Sadie Bowman, Izzy Coomer, Jasmine Jamiel

  • 2nd Team:  Sylena Baltazar, Claire Burns, Sophie Burt, Kaitlynn Hickey, Sami McCord, Emilee Pham, Cayleigh Vance

  • Regional Qualifier-Kaitlynn Hickey (Shot Put)


  • Honorable Mention All Region:  Chris Custis and Conner Mitchell



Boys Swimming

  • District Qualifiers:  200 Medley and 200 Free Relay:Josh Andrews, PJ Godsey, Jordan   Davis, Ricky Dungan

  • 50 Free and 500 Free:  Ricky Dungan

  • 200 IM and 100 Fly:  Jordan Davis

  • 50 Free and 100 Breast:  Josh Andrews

  • State Qualifier:  Ricky Dungan-50 and 500 Free

Girls Bowling

  • Player of Year-Ariel Comberger

  • 1st Team:  Ariel Comberger

  • 2nd Team:  Nicole Gallion

Boys Bowling

  • Coach of the Year-Josh Fisher

  • 1st Team-Grant Pickard

  • 2nd Team-Mason McIntosh


  • 1st Team-Trent Holliday

  • Honorable Mention-Donovan Butler, Dom Davidson, Sam Eastes, Dalton Garrison

  • District Qualifiers-Sam Eastes, Dom Davidson, Trent Holliday, Canon Ford, Donovan Butler, Dalton Garrison, Lee Lynch, Jaden Doyle

Girls Basketball

  • Coach of the Year-Zach Williams

  • Player of the Year-Mya Jackson

  • 1st Team-Mya Jackson, Jasmine Jamiel, Karlie Morgan

  • 2nd Team-Sami McCord

  • Honorable Mention-Tiara Harris

  • All Southwest District 1st Team-Mya Jackson

  • All Dayton Area-Player of the Year-Mya Jackson

  • All Dayton Area-2nd Team-Jasmine Jamiel

  • All Ohio-2nd Team-Mya Jackson

Boys Basketball

  • 1st Team-Cam Coomer

  • 2nd Team-Sam Jacobyansky

  • Honorable Mention-Willie Morris

Academic Team

  • 1st Team-Mason Klamroth

  • 2nd Team-Kathryn Yurek

  • Honorable Mention-Gehrig Huber 



Girls Tennis

  • Coach of Year-Doug Cooper

  • 1st Team:  Claire Burns, Zane Bekheet, Emma Schroeder, Jenna Taylor, Kristina Walt

  • 2nd Team:  Allie Kees

  • District Qualifier:  Claire Burns

  • Miami Valley Tennis Coaches Association

  • 2nd Team-Claire Burns

  • Honorable Mention:  Emma Schroeder and Jenna Taylor 

Boys Golf

  • Jack Murphy-Player of the Year

  • Phil Gilmore-Coach of the Year

  • 1st Team:  Zane Carey and Jack Murphy

  • 2nd Team:  Brendan Powell

  • District Qualifier-Jack Murphy 

Girls Golf

  • 1st Team:  Lilly Middleton

  • 2nd Team:  Meredith Robinson and Brooklyn Taylor 

Boys Cross Country

  • 1st Team:  Simon Heys and Tyler Parks

  • 2nd Team:  Matt Butcher, Ricky Dungan, and Pedro Escobedo

  • Regional Qualifiers:  Simon Heys and Tyler Parks

  • State Qualifier:  Simon Heys

Girls Cross Country

  • 2nd Team:  Sylena Baltazar and Sophia Agee

Girls Soccer

  • 1st Team:  Karlie Morgan

  • 2nd Team:  Autumn Housh

  • Honorable Mention:  Sophie Burt 

Boys Soccer

  • 1st Team:  Garrett Neff

  • 2nd Team:  Josh Vaughan and Brady Vilvens

  • Honorable Mention:  Matt Butcher

  • All Southwest District 1st Team:  Garrett Neff


  • 1st Team:  Harlie Bickett

  • 2nd Team:  Bry Thompson

  • Honorable Mention:  Emily Self 


  • 1st Team:  Cam Coomer and Brady Evans

  • 2nd Team:  Alex Flanigan and Brady Henry

  • Honorable Mention:  Logan Frazier and Austin Brummett