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Wilmington High School

We have a proud tradition of excellence in our student athletes and are excited to share their accomplishments. Please take a few moments to view the accomplishments of our WHS Almumni.


WHS Hall of Fame

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Hall of Fame Class Members



WHS Wall of Fame

Year   Name   Sport
1965         Mike Wilson     Football 
1968   John Petty   Basketball
1971   David Allen   Baseball
1973   Donnie Hamilton   Football
1973   Tim Shumaker   Track & Field
1976   Noel Van Pelt   Wrestling
1978   Gary Williams   Track & Field
1982   Steve Cluxton   Basketball
1983   Louisa Gerritz   Track & Field
1985   Greg Nared   Basketball
1986   Lisa Eichelberger   Basketball
1986   Boys Golf Team   Golf
1986   Boys Golf Team    Golf
1988   David Gray    Wrestling
1988   Bill Kassinos   Wrestling
1988   Mike Taylor   Basketball
1992   John Gayhart   Baseball Coach
1992   Casey Seeger   Volleyball/Softball
1993   Jennie Cook   Volleyball
1994   Candy Burns    Track & Field
1995   Andrew McCoy   Wrestling
1995   Michelle Pierson   Track & Field
1995   Nick Smith   Wrestling
1995   Boys Golf Team   Golf
1996   Carey Dailey   Volleyball
1996   Bill McEvoy   Wrestling
1996   David Wagenseller   Golf
1996   Girls Golf Team    Golf
1998   Girls Golf Team   Golf
1999   Girls Golf Team   Golf
2000   Desiree Jones    Track & Field
2000   Gabby Wedding    Golf
2002   Kurt Blohm   Swimming
2004   Marque Jones   Track & Field
2004   Ashley Howard   Track & Field
2007   Monica Howard   Track & Field
2008   Chris Holcomb   Wrestling
2008   Elliot Conti         Tennis
    Tyler Johnson   Tennis
2009    Lindsey Crowe   Track & Field
2010   Chris Cowman   Football
2010   Quinten Rollins   Basketball
2011   Rachael Lewis   Swimming 
2011   Josh Quallen   Swimming
2011   Tommy Swank   Cross Country 
2015   Maddie Schaffer   Swimming
2015   Allison White    Soccer 
    Fred Summers    Coach
    Gary Downing    Coach
    Dean Oakie Waddell    Coach
2015   Jaevin Cumberland    Basketball
2016   Jarron Cumberland    Basketball
2018     Sam Spirk     Soccer








Mya Jackson

Chris Custis

Brady Vilvens

Thad Stuckey

Thane McCoy

Kylie Fisher