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Information Update

Posted on: September 19, 2019
information update

On Wednesday evening, Sept 18th, during a volleyball game at Clinton Massie High School, where Clinton Massie was playing Greenon High School, two Wilmington students created and posted a threatening video on a social media site while attending the volleyball game.   

Students at Clinton Massie reported the video on Thur, Sept 19th to Clinton Massie administration.  Clinton Massie administration immediately contacted Wilmington administration. WCS quickly involved the Wilmington Police Department to assist in investigating the video.  The students remorsefully admitted their actions and communicated that their video was intended as a joke. The students involved will be disciplined according to our Board of Education policies. 

The Wilmington City School District takes all levels of threats seriously and strives to educate our students about the ramifications and harm inflicted when their actions create panic and fear.   We are grateful for the individuals who speak out and report things that are potentially harmful. We thank the collaboration with our Clinton Massie neighbors, and both the Clinton County Sheriff's Department and the Wilmington Police Department, for their vigilance and support.  It takes a combined effort to help educate all our children on becoming good citizens and to maintain safe communities.