Wilmington High School Profile 

Wilmington High School provides numerous opportunities for its students. Our amazing staff and supportive community help students accomplish their goals and achieve their dreams. Teachers and coaches strive to provide the best education possible for students to succeed during, and after high school. We are proud to call ourselves Wilmington Hurricane.

We want students to be involved and find out what they love and enjoy. The possibilities are endless here at WHS! Wilmington High School offers a variety of opportunities to become involved. We have groups ranging from government, to community service groups, to interest oriented clubs. We have prestigious theater, band, and choir groups just waiting for you to join! We want students to be able to participate in anything that will expand their learning experience.

From the senior leadership representatives, we welcome you to Wilmington High School and remember: it is a great day to be a Hurricane! With that said, make the most out of your high school experience. So get involved and try something new! Our community, staff, and peers will always support you.

WHS Student Council