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Superintendent Spotlight - Episode 2

Posted on: February 26, 2021

In February, we recognized and celebrated Black History Month in our schools. This week’s Superintendent Spotlight - Episode 2 offers a peek into our classrooms during the month as our teachers and students explored a wide variety of African American historical figures and their lasting impact. Thank you to our District Diversity Committee and WCS staff for their hard work in preparing thoughtful and engaging activities this month.

If you are looking for ways to continue the learning at home you may find helpful resources and suggestions from Celebrate Black Stories ( 


Here is Episode 1 - Snow Day Remote Learning, if you missed it!

McCarty-Stewart, C Bone, D Little, D Dewall, M Hertenstein, D Turner

Staff Spotlight

Our staff spotlight this week is on Darrell Little, Matt Hertenstein, and Dan DeWall.

Darrell and Matt (Maintenance dept) are being recognized for their outstanding teamwork. They are both continuously working on the maintenance of the buses and are ready to help to run a route if needed.  Darrell sanitizes evey bus for COVID every week.  The knowledge and expertise they bring to the job helps the District operate and maintain a large fleet of buses safely and efficiently. Both Darrell and Matt understand the TEAM concept. 


Dan DeWall (Driver/Custodian) is being recognized for his outstanding work ethic. Dan continues to juggle his duties of cleaning the central office and driving a bus when needed. He is very conscientious of his work and the impact he makes.  He is definitely making a difference.


We are #HurricaneProud to have these gentlemen on staff at WCS.


(Pictured are L to R: Supt M. McCarty-Stewart, Dir of Business Ops Curt Bone, Darrell Little, Dan DeWall, Matt Hertenstein, and Transportation Supervisor Doug Turner.)